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Ask The Light Miracle Cards offer personal inspiration, peaceful relaxation and easy access to positive states of mind.

Ask the Light
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Miracles Happen!

You, yourself, are living proof of the continuous Miracle of Life! You are a Living Miracle, made up mostly of Water, Light and Energy! It’s what is essential to all life, and it is the essence of the Ask the Light Meditation Cards.  Use them to connect directly to the source of Life for guidance, expand your intuition, and strengthen your relationship with your inner guidance. These simple yet powerful images and are also a great teaching tool for kids!

Miracle Cards

Buy 3 get the 4th one Free!

Ask The Light Miracle Cards Decks are used for personal insight, and instant meditation.

Kids Love these cards too! When you buy 2 decks you can create matching sets and use them as a memory game. The words of the memory game convey important values and easily invite conversation of important topics in life awareness.

These images are randomly captured moments of our Suns Light as it dances through water. They were taken underwater in the Sacred Waters of Barton Springs, Austin TX.   The Galleries contain the Miracle Card images in several languages as an offering of light to the world! ENJOY!

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